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Health Care Clowning

In therapeutic and health care clowning, the art of clowning is adapted to the specific conditions and needs of individuals in hospital, rehabilitation, palliative or hospice care. There is a shift from a performance focus, to a focus on patient-centered care and connection. The clown enters the world of the patient, treating each unique interaction with authentic emotional connection and honesty to help bring laughter and joy to patients.
In this workshop, Jean Saucier, director of Montréal’s Clown and Comedy School, will guide students through scenarios that could be encountered in hospitals and other care facilities. His pedagogy builds on his experiences and training with Francine Côté, Pedro Fabião, Olivier Hugues Terreault, Dr Clown Foundation and Patch Adams.
  • Animated by: Jean Saucier
  • Duration:  12 hours
  • Price: $225
  • Prerequisites:  Artistic Cv
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