Nos Stages de clown

“In clown art, the artist discovers his own sense of humor by developing different structures of comedy. This translates on stage through the gags, the comic situations and/or the dynamics of the relationships he has with his playing partners.” - James Keylon and Francine Cote

CLOWN LAB is aimed at artists who have followed the entire program of our clown workshops. At the rate of one group meeting per week for 2 months, the lab is a place of creation where participants are invited to try out ideas, create new duos or even trios as well as to develop clown numbers from given scenarios and structures. Special attention will be paid to the writing, structure and coaching in order to give participants as many creative tools as possible. It is possible to register as a solo, duo or trio. If you don’t have any partners, we’ll match you with someone. The week following the end of the workshop will be devoted to private coaching periods in order to prepare for a presentation of the worked numbers in front of a limited audience.
Note: The participant must plan off-workshop work sessions with his partner(s).
  • Teacher: Jean Saucier
  • Duration: 50 hrs
  • Price: $300
  • Prerequisite:  Artistic CV