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Francine Côté Method

Clown 4:
Method of Creation

“Clown art is not a series of gags. The gag is just the punctuation at the end of a comic sentence. Rather, it is the sentence itself that is comical and contains the force of the laughter. ” -James Keylon

CLOWN 4: Creation method is designed for those who want to go further in creation by working on their character, the structure of the solo or in a duo. We deepen the technique of physical acting, emotion-movement-text, as well as the structure of the scenario. We also develop the principles of major/minor play as well as relationship aspects within a clown partnership. Participants are called upon to work from structured improvisations with more autonomy. They will master the repetition and the creation of solo or duo numbers using canvases. They will come out of this workshop with concrete work tools that will allow them to continue to evolve in their clown research. Following the Clown 4 workshop, participants are ready to move on to the Clown Lab directed by Jean Saucier. >.
Note: It is not necessary to register with a partner to participate to the workshop. Duos can be formed on site under the guidance of the teacher.
  • Teacher: Jean Saucier
  • Duration: 15 hours
  • Price: $300
  • Prerequisites:  Artistic CV & evaluation by teacher Clown 1, 2 et 3
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