Nos Stages de clown

Francine Côté Method

Clown 2:
Partnership dynamics and physical play techniques

“In clown art, the real generosity of the actor is to offer the game to his partner when he is experiencing success.” - Francine Côté

CLOWN 2: Partnership dynamics and physical acting techniques is essential for any stage artist who wishes to create performances in which the dynamic between the playing partners as well as with the audience is clear and compelling. In this workshop, which focuses on physical acting techniques, participants will continue their character search initiated in the Clown-1 workshop while going to meet the other. The participant will learn to play with a partner, recognize where the focus is, the anchor point and to engage their body in the game. The teacher will lead the participants to develop their sense of humor, rhythm, their creativity as well as their inner musicality through a series of solo and duet exercises.
  • Teacher: Jean Saucier
  • Duration: 30 hours
  • Price: $390
  • Prerequisites:  Artistic CV & evaluation by teacher Clown 1
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