Jean Saucier

Director of the Clown and Comedy School

photo - James Douglas

Jean Saucier

With 43 years of experience, Jean Saucier is reviving the Clown and Comedy School.

Jean Saucier has been performing since the age of 11, graduated the National Circus School in 1986 and began his professional career with Cirque du Soleil at age 18 in 1985. Jean passionately studies the art of clown and circus with a variety of masters since 1978. Jean has created his own clown shows which have toured across the world and ran his own corporate circus agency for over a decade in Montreal.

In 2021, Jean’s dedication for the clownesque art has driven him to revive The Clown and Comedy School, which was created by Francine Côté and in operation from 2002 to 2018. Currently, Francine Côté is training Jean in her theatrical clown teaching methodology.

Jean is the new director of The Clown and Comedy School and, along with his team of professional artists, will be here to support all who are interested in the art of clown to help this noble profession continue to grow and evolve

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