Nos Stages de clown
PHYSICAL THEATRE is for anyone wishing to develop their physical game. Through mime, mask and physical theatre techniques, participants will learn to use different tools allowing them to sharpen their body awareness and their gestural precision. They will develop their observation skills as well as their sensitivity to the expressiveness of postures and movements. This workshop is an essential complement to clown training.
In this workshop the participant will explore:
  • Mask work (neutral, commedia dell’arte and Balinese)

  • The concept of counterpoint and balance (mime technique)

  • The control of his body in a synergy of movements and breathing

  • The isolation of the different parts of the body (choose what is moving and what is fixed)

  • Rhythm and precision in gesture, movement and space

  • Teacher: René Bazinet
  • Duration:  12 hours
  • Price: $225
  • Prerequisite:  Artistic CV