Nos Stages de clown

Francine Côté Method

Initiation to Clown - part 2

INTRODUCTION TO CLOWN- 2 has been specifically designed for those who have participated in the Introduction to clown -1 workshop and who wish to go further in their search for a clown character according to the Francine Côté’s method.
During this workshop, the participants will continue their openness work started in Introduction to clown -1 workshop. They will rediscover the joy of play, will develop their creativity, their emotional listening to themselves and to the public while deepening the specific playing techniques of clowning and touch on the timing of comedy. Physical exercises, awareness and direction in space become more complex and require keeping the game alive to its fullest. Participants will learn to identify the emotions that inhabit them, to share them with the public and then to magnify them. This intensive workshop allows participants to appropriate and share their sense of humor in an atmosphere that highlights joy and frivolity.
  • Teacher: Jean Saucier
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • $225
  • Prerequisite: Initiation to Clown 1