Nos Stages de clown

"The king's jesters made the court laugh while spitting out the truths of those days" -Francine Côté

BOUFFON offers an immersion in the world of the bouffon; a universe in which the actor has fun parodying life. The parody that offers a reflection of our society is a provocative humor that is between imitation and criticism. The bouffon finds his strength and his audacity to criticize society while surrounded by his peers, his family. Each family of bouffons is different and particular, but the element of support is always present. This workshop works on the sense of listening, spatial awareness and how to keep the play alive in a context of choir work. To get closer to the world of audacity and laughter while remaining light, participants will work in this workshop on their physical appearance, the design of their character, their attitude and the intensity of their gaze.
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