Nos Stages de clown

Francine Côté Method

Clown 1:
Research of Character

"You don't create your clown... you just let him come. Then, you accept him with affection and share him with others. A work of simplicity, sincerity, vulnerability and joy of play." -Francine Côté

CLOWN 1 – Character Research is for professional artists. It aims to help you discover your clown character with the method of Francine Côté which develops in five axes: simplicity, honesty of play, joy, openness (physical and emotional) and lightness.
Everyone has a clown in them, but not everyone is necessarily ready to reveal it, accept it and love it to then share it with the public. The art of clown requires the actor to have an emotional commitment, great generosity and self-knowledge. You have to laugh at yourself first before you can make others laugh. There are as many versions of clown characters as there are human beings, but all have in common the desire to make people laugh and are ready to do (almost!) anything to get there.
Through a series of exercises which develop our inner joy, openness, lightness, rhythm and sense of timing, this workshop offers personalized in-depth work that solicits the physical and emotional commitment of the participants. The clown needs the gaze of the other to exist. During the workshop, the participants will therefore sometimes occupy the role of the actor and sometimes that of the public.
  • Teacher: Jean Saucier
  • Duration: 30 hours
  • Price: $390
  • Prerequisites: Artistique CV
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