Creative Team :
James Keylon, Director of Creation (director/writer)
Francine Côté, Creation of Characters (Coaching)
Geneviève St-Denis, Choreography and Coordinator of schedule

This service is intended for those professional artists in need of an outside eye/director for a designated project. It has been designed to adapt to the needs of the artist(s) and their different projects. Whether it is the creation of a new show, a Clown number, a new partnership, or a specific research within an already completed show, the formula of coaching will permit this flexibility.

James Keylon who is responsible for the creation department, is also a white clown (Alfredo), director, mime, coach, writer (see C.V.) and partner in life and on stage with Francine Côté. As a duo, they played together for 15 years as Alfredo and Adrénaline and this complicity has continued to develop as directors. James works principally with the structure, the scenario, the back story, the dynamic of partnership, creation and placement of gags and timing. Knowing the evolution of your character Francine can come in to make sure that the character stays in the same vision. A collaborative project with both James and Francine could be arranged.

Genevieve St-Denis directs the physical work of the actor, the choreography, as well as the organization of the sessions. It is the work of this team that allows us to offer the actor training in the writing scenarios, stage direction, coaching of characters and choreography. We also possess a bank of professionals in related fields (set design, acrobatics, juggling, combat techniques, etc), which we could refer you to, according to your needs.

A first meeting is essential to determine the objectives of the project; to define the priorities and establish a schedule and the number of rehearsals needed to accomplish the goals of the artist(s). A minimum of 3 meetings of 3 hours each is required to begin the collaboration.

Priority will go to artists who have studied at the school.

École de Clown et Comédie Francine Côté | Photo Département de création 1École de Clown et Comédie Francine Côté | Photo Département de création 2