(Prerequisite: Participant must be in good physical condition and have a solid base in physical work)

How do you hit someone comically? How can you fall like an idiot every time? What is the technique to recreate awkwardness?

Modern Slapstick is physical humour placed in situational context. This workshop will focus on the technique: slaps, smacks, falls, collisions, accidents and assaults.

We practice these tricks through classical structure inspired by Silent Films, modern theatre and Circus Clown. Each class begins with physical preparation and ends with exercises combining the tricks.

It will be presented in an effective series of exercises designed to simplify the movements and create a vocabulary in order to continue on your own after the workshop has finished.

Students will learn to execute their performance with good technique and timing, all in great fun!

Francine Côté's Clown and Comedy School | Slapstick