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   Last Year of teaching of Francine Côté

Clown and Comedy School | Francine Côté - photo by James Douglas

2023 will be Francine Côté’s final year of teaching at the school. She is the founder and creator of the Clown and Comedy school and has developed the Francine Côté Method. This year will allow us to finalize the transmission of the Method to Jean Saucier, our director. This complex transfer will have lasted 3 years. Therefore, this is your last chance to directly benefit from Francine’s expertise. In collaboration with Jean, she will be teaching several clown workshops of different levels offered throughout the year at the school. It’s time to embark or to continue the great adventure of the art of clown.

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New administration

Francine Côté, James Keylon and now Jean Saucier offer targeted services in Creation and Masterclass, Directing, Acting Coaching, Scriptwriting and Masterclasses in Clowning
(Character Research and Partnership Dynamics), Slapstick, Mime and Physical Theatre.

After more than 200 acts and fifty co-created shows, Francine Côté, James Keylon and now Jean Saucier offer an expertise in creation, which combines their respective specialties: the dramatic design of their characters, the relationship between partners and/or the public, the staging and the structure of the script.

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   The Physical Work of the Actor

BILINGUAL CLASSES: Please note that all the classes in Montreal are taught in English and French simultanesly.

In Canada, there are very few schools dedicated solely to the training in Physical Theatre. Often this art is taught on the periphery of other professional training. The Francine Côté’s Clown and Comedy School is a training center that creates a fusion of the physical arts: clown, bouffon, physical theatre, mask, mime technique and slapstick. At the Clown and Comedy School, the work of the physical actor is an exploration of physical space, direction and individual rhythms. The ease and the artistic background of the artist, as well as individual challenges are part of the personal process for each artist. The philosophy and artistic vision of the school is to develop the creativity and the personal signature of each student. The priority is placed on the art of clown and physical theatre. Our students are artists from different disciplines within the arts (theatre, dance, circus, stand-up comedy). And accordingly, the art of clown is fertile ground for this fusion of multidisciplinary arts par excellence. Francine Côté has developed a method of teaching where she can explore the individuality of each student.

The human element is at the center of work, which is defined by what is created in contact with other human beings. The artist needs a family and the clown needs a public. That is why group work is essential for us. Each individual is supported by the group, acting as public, to help the artist evolve. Whether an artist of theatre, circus or the street, a place to meet other professionals and exchange ideas is always needed. Therefore, our artistic vision encourages complimentary interaction of disciplines within the dynamics of the group. The clown is born from the interaction with others, the notion of the group and community is very important to us.

Francine Côté, who has 35 years experience in the profession, started in theatre, and rapidly concentrated her work on Physical Theatre and finally on the Art of Clown. Few Clown artists have the depth of experience on stage, the street, in the circus ring or Cabarets. In effect, for more than 20 years she played clown in Theatres, Circuses and Cabarets throughout the world. She is one of the pioneers of women clowns in Quebec.

Francine Côté's Clown and Comedy School | The Art of Clown

  The Art of Clown

« You don’t create your clown; you simply let it out to live in front of others. » The next step is to accept it with affection and then, share it with others. This is a workshop with the goal of discovering your inner clown character by working on: simplicity, sincerity, vulnerability of play,...

About The Art of Clown
Francine Côté's Clown and Comedy School | Physical Theatre

 Physical Theatre

Mime and Movement is the base from which the physical actor trains, and this workshop offers different tools that the actors can utilize in their work. The mask work brings another dimension to the process of opening the eyes to the body and the essential physical work. This is a workshop where...

About Physical Theatre
École de Clown et Comédie Francine Côté | Département de création

 Creation Department

This service is intended for those professional artists in need of an exterior eye for a designated project. It has been designed to adapt to the needs of the artist(s) and their different projects. Whether it is the creation of a new Clown number, a new partnership, or a specific research within an already...

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Francine Côté's Clown and Comedy School |

  List of Classes

Clown work needs an emotional and physical commitment from all the students. Whether it’s in a physical theatre or in clown we always work to develop and adapt to the individual in front of us. This is the search to awaken the clown in each of us.

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Francine Côté's Clown and Comedy School |

 Full time study

We offer the possibility to follow the complete training in 3 semesters :

Semester 1 (Introduction)
Semester 2 (Development)
Semester 3 (Creation)

About Full time study
Francine Côté's Clown and Comedy School |

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Hervé (France)
« Avoir travaillé avec toi (Francine) est une grande chance. J'espère continuer un beau parcours de clown. Je n'oublierai pas d'être en pleine grandeur et de faire des clins d'oeil... »

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