Clown work needs an emotional and physical commitment from all the students. Whether it’s in a physical theatre or in clown we always work to develop and adapt to the individual in front of us. This is the search to awaken the clown in each of us.

In the art of clown the actor must reveal himself, sharing his emotions, his qualities as well as his faults, pushing the artist to be truthful without compromise. The more the actor keeps the work personal the more the character becomes universal. By revealing his intimacy he touches the humanity in all of us, and finds the common ground in the simplicity of the human race. The work of the professional clown is to dare to reveal this private place. To that we add an artistic technique, character and specific tools.

Whether it is in Initiation or Professional (levels 1,2,3,4 and coaching), the foundation of the training is the same, and the base of the exercises is also identical, that is to say, the techniques of physical play are for example; neutrality of the body, presence, momentum, suspension, intention in the eyes, opening of the body, transposition of rhythm, transfer of rhythm, fixed point, body control and focus. The work is accomplished step by step, always moving in the direction of sharing a common vocabulary.

The artist discovers at first the physical work thru mime, mask work and movement exercises, etc. This work develops essential tools for the actor; the notion of space, direction, sense of rhythm, presence, the ability to listen and momentum. With these tools, the actor (clown) is better prepared to communicate with the public and to grow this exchange, respecting who he is. The relationship is not a chain of gags, but a real meeting. A body that moves, fed by an emotion, creates a certain musicality (music). Clown is musicality; it is the combination of the heart and the body. The transfer of the emotion thru movement, character habits, and manipulation becomes the rhythm of the clown character. Basically, that’s physical theatre.

Several workshops are offered to professional stage artists (theatre, circus, dance, puppetry, stand-up comics…)

·  Clown-1 : Research of Character (Artistic CV required)
·  Clown-2 : Partnership dynamics and physical play techniques
                   (Prerequisite: Clown 1)
·  Clown-3
: Rhythms and canvas work (Prerequisite: Clown-2)
·  Clown-4 : Methode of Creation (Prerequisite: Clown-3)
·  The LAB (CLOWN) (Prerequisite: Clown-4)
·  Slapstick (Artistic CV required)
·  Bouffon-1 : Introduction to Bouffon (Artistic CV required)
·  Bouffon-2 : Parody and social critique (Prerequisite: Bouffon-1)
·  “JEU” : Physical Character Work (Artistic CV required)
·  Physical Theatre-1 : Study of Movement (Open to everyone)
·  Physical Theatre-2 : Chorus Work and Musicality of Characters
                                    (Prerequisite: Théâtre Physique-1)
·  Initiation to Clown-1 (Open to everyone)
·  Initiation to Clown-2 (Prerequisite: Clown Initiation-1)
·  Therapeutic Clown Conference (Open to everyone)

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