The LAB (Clown)

(Prerequisite: Clown 1 to 4)

“Whether it is in comedy structure, physical comedy, gags or humour through relationships, situations and the element of surprise, you must develop your own sense of what’s funny.”  Francine Côté

In response to the need of the artists who have completed Clown-4 Method of creation and who wish to go further in the art of clown, we offer a new workshop where the artists would meet once a week for 8 weeks. The creative clown laboratory will be directed by James Keylon (the white clown “Alfredo”, partner of Francine Côté) and Francine will be present with James at 3 of the meetings.

The goal is to create an environment where it is possible to try out ideas, partnerships, comic structures all while being guided by a professor/director. Particular attention will be given to writing, structure and coaching with the intention of giving the participants the tools for creation. You can inscribe as a solo, duo or trio. If you have no partner we will place you with someone.

The artists must be prepared for creative work outside of the class hours, between sessions. The student will be given scenarios and structures to work with, which will show the varying results from a common idea. Deeper understanding and explanation will be developed for each participant on the themes of: naïve, auguste and the white clown.

A week will be set aside for private coaching periods in order to prepare a closed presentation in front of friends and colleagues.

After taking the LAB the students are ready to participate in the next creation of the school which is produced every 2 years (see the video of the Creation 2011 ‘‘Clown’’ on the Home Page)

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