“JEU” : Physical Character Work

(Prerequisite: Artistic CV required for evaluation)

This workshop works essentially on the techniques of physical play; momentum, fixed point, opening the body, focus, point of support, suspension and the dynamics of play.

We introduce a parallel between the "play" of sports with a ball and with the "play" of theatre. We will work with the state of physical commitment, lightness of play and the precision that was naturally installed within us when we voluntarily participated in the games of our childhood. The same rules apply for the play in theatre. It's up to the actor then to re-find all of these qualities essential for theatrical play and be able to play with control just as you would control a ball in sports. We pay special attention in particular to listening with the body. Feeling who you’re playing with (Major/Minor), finding the limits of control of the body, your openness, giving to and sustaining your partner….

Also we will touch on the dynamics of play, asking the questions in action: Where is the play (focus)? How do we give the "ball" (game) to a partner? To the public? Why did the "game" drop? How do we pick it up again? We play in theatre like we would play in sports!

Francine Côté's Clown and Comedy School | Jeu