(Prerequisite: open to all, CV not required. )

This workshop is an introduction to the methods of Francine Côté using a series of exercises based in physical theatre and of knowing yourself, your body and the beginnings of Character research based on yourself. This work is designed for those who have little or no professional training or experience in theatre, circus and dance but who are interested in the Art of Clown.

Like in Clown-1, the work is individual and helps the student develop their openness, the joy of play, the joy of being seen, listening to their emotions and to the public, all the while using the concepts and techniques of stage work which are: playing the public, fixed point, one rhythm at a time, emotion/movement/text and taking the play/giving the play, etc. In Initiation to Clown the objectives are different than in the Professional Workshops and in consequence the direction to the actors and the manner in which we teach is designed to receive the best results.

The workshop begins with learning how to be open physically and an understanding of the body’s movements. This section will be led by Geneviève St-Denis. The students will perform a series of exercises on the physical awareness of space and movements before they will be ready to enter physically into the exercises and the research of their comic energy. Each exercise consists of several levels and we will adapt to the needs of the students in Initiation, by taking our time with particular emphasis on the first levels of physicality and emotion. We keep the workshop light and create a feeling of confidence. (We probably will not go as far into the technique of play and the product, but the work will take you to where the professional clowns begin) We work on the basic techniques of play and the main focus is letting the clown character inside of you come forward. The students in Initiation to Clown are often too quick to want to jump the steps needed.

Therefore the warm-ups and the preparation to movement techniques will be given by Geneviève St-Denis so that the students will be better prepared to follow Francine Côté’s teaching, which demands a good sense of space and physical movement.

This workshop is open to all. At the end of the workshop, after the student evaluation by the professors, the student could participate in the workshop Clown-1, Research of character.

30 hours - 2 teachers : Geneviève St Denis (warm-ups and movement techniques) Francine Côté (character work)

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