CLOWN 3 - Rhythms and
                   Canvas Work

(Prerequisite: Clown 1, 2 and evaluation by the professor)

“In clown, the problem, the difficulty, is often the beginning of the success.”  Francine Côté

The continuing research of Character and the exchange of play between partners is the pursuit of Clown 3. The aim of this workshop is to put into practice all that we've learned so far in the context of a canvas. We will clarify the Technique of Play "emotion/movement/text", and we will learn to simplify the framework to allow the Clown the power to breathe and live even more.

We arrive at the following questions: How do we use what we have found? How do you keep having fun? How do you establish a relationship of authority between partners (white clown)? How do you simplify a scenario? How do you identify the emotional rhythms? Why 'coaching'?

This workshop also offers a taste of 'coaching' of clown duo's which will be developed in Clown 4.

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