CLOWN 2 - Partnership dynamics and                    physical play techniques

(Prerequisite: Clown 1 and evaluation by the professor)

“The generosity in Clown is about giving the game to your partner when you are at your best.”  Francine Côté

The workshop concentrates on the techniques of physical acting: learning to play with a partner, identifying the focus, the points of support and using your body in the play. Playing theatre is like playing sports: you do it with commitment, pleasure, lightness, momentum and precision. Sharing the game/play is to know when to give the focus to your partner and being proud of his success.

The objective is to aid the actor in his sense of rhythm, humor, creativity and internal musicality. The great comics had in common, a sense of timing and situation. The essential work lies in the emotional framework and the relationship/conversation with your character, your partner and the public. It is in keeping these three conversations alive that the actor starts living his character instead of playing it.

The main focus is using your emotion as a text and finding the road to transpose it into a rhythm, a musicality, a sense of comedy. Knowing what is funny and being able to improvise, communicate with your partner and the audience.

When the workshops objectives are achieved by the student, he will be ready to take Clown 3 - Rhythms and Canvas work (working the framework and rhythms/timing) where he will learn how to put into practice what he has developed and learned in Clown 2 and this, in the context of a canvas.

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