CLOWN 1 - Research of Character

(Prerequisite: Artistic CV demanded for evaluation)

“We don’t create our clown; we simply let him come to us. Then, we accept him with affection and share him with others.”  Francine Côté

Clowns exist for others. Their main objectives and reason for being is to make people laugh and touch their imagination, and sensitivity. Your workshop colleagues become your first public and it is through them that you are guided to bring your clown out.

An atmosphere of laughter and lightness is essential for the actor to feel secure in revealing his clown. These characters are imperfect, full of flaws and that makes them human and lovable. There are as many different versions of clown characters as there are versions of human beings, but what has to stay in the mind of the comic is the desire and the commitment to be ready to do anything (or almost) to make people laugh.

This workshop is offered to professional artists. The goal of this workshop is the discovery of your Clown Character, based on who you are, while working on: Simplicity, Sincerity, Lightness, Timing and Vulnerability of Play.

The training proposes a series of group and individual exercises that brings out the clown within you through openness, pleasure, creativity and being able to listen to your own emotions and to the public.

The art of Clown demands that the actor commit emotionally, with great generosity and knowledge of himself. The clown has to be able to laugh at himself before he can make others laugh.

Clown 1 - Research of Character is a preparation for Clown 2 - Partnership dynamic and physical play techniques. Once your Character is developed the students are ready to enter into the techniques of Clown 2.

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