(Prerequisite: Artistic CV required for evaluation)

“Les bouffons du roi (the king's jester) made the court laugh while simultaneously spitting out the ugly truths of society.” Francine Côté

Working with bouffon is essentially working with parody. It demands from the actor to be able to look at society and the absurdity of life. The parody in bouffon is situated between imitation and critique; it's a reflection of our society. There is then, in these characters an element of social commentary, of being outside of society to better be able to comment on society.

The second aspect in bouffon is the presence of the chorus. The work of the chorus is to develop the actor to be able to support theatrically his colleagues. The bouffon is a member of a family. The bouffon finds his force and audacity surrounded by this family. Each family of bouffon is different and distinctive but the element of support must be there. The workshop will work on listening to the group, your place in the group and how do you keep the improvisation and play alive within the group.

The third aspect of the bouffon is working on the design of the character, the physical allure, the attitude and the intensity of the eyes. We will touch on a series of physical forms, looking for that which will bring you closer to the world of audacity and laughter, keeping a provocative physical image…..maintaining breath, staying alert to play and keeping lightness in your play.

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