Continuity in a new way!

After 12 years in existence, Francine Côté and James Keylon have decided
to close the Clown & Comedy School to concentrate on creation:

They have been writing and directing shows since 2005, as well as creating over 15 clown numbers a year within the school program.

A new website is under construction and will soon be online, offering their services for directing, coaching, writing and creation of scenarios. Master Classes in Clown (Character & Partnership Dynamics), Slapstick, Mime and Physical Theatre are available.

After performing for 15 years as the duo Alfredo et Adrénaline then co-creating over 200 numbers and over 50 shows, the duo has developed an expertise in creation, marrying their respective specialities of character work, relationships with partners/public, scenario, writing, structure, physical play with mime, slapstick, and physical comedy.
Together they are a force of creation.

For more information, please contact the duo at 514 549-0998
by email: info@formationclown.com